Nice Guys Finish Last, the Struggle of Sisyphus and the Art of Attracting Women

Perhaps you have heard of Sisyphus. In Greek myth he was doomed to eternal struggle. Every day he would have to push a boulder to the top of a hill. Every evening the boulder would break free and roll down the hill. Poor Sisyphus was doomed to repeat this cycle endlessly, struggle to the top of the hill only to have to do it all over again. I do believe that nice guys often finish last and equate their struggles with women to poor Sisyphus. Toiling to conquer the women they desire, making headway, often to only to have their boulder come crashing down in the end. Read on to learn how to break this repetitive cycle and finally learn to keep your boulder on the top of her mountain(s).

The Struggle for Women

The Greeks were a dour lot, imagining all sorts of mischief on those who disobeyed their gods. (anyone who stood out) They did understand the human condition, though. Life is struggle and struggle makes life. Part of the fun of getting women is the challenge. If you want to be attractive to women you must remember that and reverse it. You must be a challenge. That means that being “too nice” is working hard against you, like gravity on ole Sisy’s boulder. To succeed you must work hard to put some sort of distance between you and her. Let her know you care, be a gentleman, be nice to a point, but do not be her doormat. Stand up for yourself. Do not give in to her every whim. Think of yourself first sometimes. It seems counter-intuitive but a little distance can make you closer. Make her respect you, not pity you.

The Art of attracting women

After thousands of years of pushing a boulder, I bet Sisyphus was ripped, had a great tan from being in the sun; he likely looked like a young Adonis but he couldn’t get women or keep his boulder up. Looks, money and physical attributes, they can surely help, but are far from being the most important things in getting women. Most of it is the big “A”: Attitude. Being confident, sure of yourself and your place in the world, being funny and charismatic. That is what women are looking for. Know yourself, don’t be scared of failure. Too much worry about failure impedes success. When you see a woman who interests you, approach the second you see her! Any delay simply gives fear a chance to creep into your heart. Women can be like sharks, they can scent that lack of confidence in the air the way a shark scents blood in the water. Even worse, if you completely lack confidence your chances would be better in shark infested waters than picking up that woman.